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Shenzhen Haiwen Bio-technology Co., Ltd

Guanghao, Meilong Road, Minzhi Street, Longhua District,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000

Tel: 86-755-13410121786
Fax: 86-755-13410121786

Contact: Mrs. Cathy Wong, Sale Manager
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Year Established: 2003
Harmonized System Codes: 2811

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Shenzhen Haiwen Bio-technology Co., Ltd, a leading supplier of fine chemical in China, is located in Shenzhen.The unique geographical conditions of this coastal city are favorable for transportation.The main products include Testosterone Enanthate,Trenbolone Acetate,Anavar,Dianabol,Anadrol,and so on.


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